Red Spundalaz #1

Ok, I am NOT a huge fan of perfect symmetry -- even my Zendalas are always a little imperfect, I like that balance -- but this was tooooooo much fun. After my first Blue Spundalaz, I thought I'd try again.

I started with the spinner (I use a cheap one I got at amazon, find it here), using watercolors applied with a brush, instead of markers. This gave me a smoother background. 

I used a red fine-liner to create the art (my favorite lately is Burgundy Le Pen by Marvy). I then used Polychromos pencils to color and shade -- no graphite pencil, no markers, just pencils blended with an alcohol blender). 

Holy smokes, it looks great! Even during the "ugly stage", when the drawing looks its worse, it looked good. I'm amazed and hooked. 

Must try this again!