Red Spundalaz #2

Another Red Spundalaz, this one the topic of my next video lesson on how to spin, color and shade a Spundalaz.

Here's the original spun background using watercolors, I'm surprised at how light the background is, I must really have colored a lot! :-D 

I got a new spinner -- even though this is better construction, the support also needs some cardboard and after a while started to turn wonky just like my previous one. You can find both at amazon here. Here you can see it with another spin (not the one used in this project). I must be in an "orange/red" phase. 

I used a red fine-liner to tangle and add the fragments (my favorite lately is Burgundy Le Pen by Marvy):

I then used Polychromos pencils to color and shade -- no graphite pencil, no markers, just pencils blended with an alcohol blender). 

I used a different background this time, with white gel pen. You can see the first one I created a few days ago next to this one. 

It looks like it's glowing! Super fun. Here's a close-up:

Really fun! The lesson is coming in a just a few days, first for Art Club subscribers: