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This lesson shows you how to create a  Spundalaz using an art spinner as a background, then carefully tangling, coloring and shading with coloring pencils to form a magnificent piece of spin art. The concept of a Spundalaz was originally developed by Chris Titus, and the idea has taken the Zentangle world by storm. 

Create magnificent, glowing Spundalaz spin art - a mandala colored and shaded over a spun background


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Spundalaz and Zenbuttons: what's the difference?

A Spundalaz is a concept by Chris Titus. You can join Chris' wonderful Square One group on Facebook here. This is the story she told me of how this came to be:

"I am in a group of fellow creators who encourage, support and occasionally whip each other into shape. Lynn Mead, also a member, had posted her gorgeous SpinartZ and I was inspired. I found a spinner at a thrift store and went about applying paint and creating a mess. I decided it wasn’t for me, but wondered what else I could use my spinner for that wouldn’t be as messy. Voila! Markers appeared and I went to town! After posting my tangled spun tile, Lynn said, “A Zenbutton!” So I posted in another group calling it a Zenbutton. Then to my surprise I found that Marguerite Samama had already coined the name for her beautiful Zenbuttons. After a lovely exchange with Marguerite I adopted the name of SpundalaZ for my version of tangled spin art. At times we marry the two together and get SputtonZ! And throw them all in the same “pot” so to speak and you get SputtonartZ! I am happy to say that Marguerite, Lynn, and I celebrate the excitement that has been expressed around our individual and collective ideas and have been happy to see the resulting “love buttonz” from our tangling followers. So that’s the story."

A Zenbutton is a concept by Marguerite Samama. Around March 2017, she was looking for a reticulum (reticula is plural) to use with fragments, specifically something with triangles, circles and squares, when she ran across one in the Zentangle Primer Vol. 1. She filled it up with fragments from the same book, and the result reminded her so much of the beautifully lush buttons on embroidered robes and cloaks… that she decided to name it Zenbutton. You can find a really good tutorial by Marguerite here

What's the difference between a Spundalaz and Zenbuttons?

A Zenbutton is built over a specific reticulum that has only three large rows, and a mix of triangle and square sections. A Spundalaz is built over a spin art background, and can have as many rows as you like. I decided that my project was a Spundalaz, since it has a lot more rows than three. 

To learn more about Spundalaz and Zenbuttons, participate in the LoveButtonZ(tm) Facebook group here.

Thank you both, Chris and Marguerite, for coming up with these ideas and letting me teach this one, super cool!


In this lesson you will:

  • Learn how to create a spin art background using a toy spinner

  • Learn how to compensate for wobbly spinners using different media

  • Learn how to adapt fragments to fit the Spundalaz background

  • Learn how to create the line-art, how to color and shade using colored pencils

  • Learn how to create incredibly 3D "carved" fragments

  • Learn how to create a glowing background using stippling

  • And so many tips and tricks!

Incredibly gorgeous coloring and shading

Learn what makes these Spundalaz beautifully "carved" and 3-dimensional

Supplies needed:

The results are incredibly 3-dimensional!


Learn how to compensate for wobbly spinners using different media

A special add-on showing you how to prepare a background EVEN without a spinner

Explore THE power of FRAGMENTS

Bring the image to life with incredible coloring and highlights


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