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Where can I buy Eni Oken's ebooks and videos?

You can order through this site ( if you are not in the EU or UK. If you ARE in the EU or UK, then use my Gumroad shop or Etsy shop. 


How will I receive my ebooks?

If you purchase through this site or through Gumroad, you will receive a personalized email link. If you order through Etsy, you can download it through the Etsy site. 


How will I receive my VIDEO lessons (not ebooks)? 

No matter where you purchase your video lessons from ( or Gumroad), you will receive a link via email and a passkey. That link will either take you directly to the video lesson page, (or if you have more than one lesson), to a list where you can choose the lesson. Enter your passkey to access the protected page. Learn more about how to view and download videos


What is the difference between an regular Ebook PDF and a “Video to Ebook” PDF?

While regular Ebooks shows information in different ways — text, image sequences, tip boxes and diagrams — a “Video to Ebook” contains only one thing: an almost perfect transcription of the video lesson of the same name, a very long sequence of images accompanied by text in conversational tone. Both come in digital PDF format, delivered via email links. Learn more here


I can't place my order here at, there is something wrong!

Due to the VAT regulations initiated in January 2015, UK and EU residents must use my Gumroad shop or Etsy shop to place orders. 


I didn't get my download links!

Look in your spam or promotions folder. My emails sometimes get re-routed there. Add my domain and to your "whitelist".

If you can't find the email, it might have been deleted by your email server or perhaps you entered a typo in your email address (very common).
Contact me immediately to get new links and/or correct your email. 


Do you sell books on Amazon?

No, I do not sell books through Amazon because authors receive very minimal royalties. I make a living off of my ebooks and as an art instructor. 


Can I buy your books in print?

Yes, you can buy a few of my books in luxurious printed version through's shop. This is the only place where I sell my ebooks in print. If you find them anywhere else, then buyer beware! They are being printed without my permission, please let me know


My download link has expired! What can I do?

There is no need to buy again, just contact me immediately and I can renew your links. 


Do you store financial information on this site?

No, all your financial information such as bank and credit card information is safely stored through world-class third party payment gateway services Stripe and Paypal.


-Eni Oken

-Eni Oken