I can't open the PDF file!

None of our lessons require any further password to OPEN or PRINT. (They might be protected against copying pictures and text, though). If you download a PDF file which asks you for a password to OPEN or PRINT, or if you are having trouble opening the PDF file, then evaluate the following:

1) Outdated PDF Reader: Is this the first time you are downloading a file from our sites? It could be that your PDF reader software is out-dated. Try a different web browser, or update your PDF reader software to see if the problems persists. You can get the latest version of Adobe Acrobate PDF Reader here: http://get.adobe.com/reader/ . Please be advised that some users encountered problems using version 10 of Adobe reader.

2) Corrupt PDF File: If this is not the first time you download a PDF file at our sites, then test other downloads. If you are able to download and open other PDF files without any problem, it could be that the PDF file in question is corrupt. DON'T WORRY! Just send us a message and we'll ask the Teacher to upload a fresh new copy! Your account will automatically be updated with the new file once it is added, don't worry.

However, if you are unable to open other PDF files using your reader, then your software has become corrupt and you need to re-install or update it (see option 1).

3) Print Security: If you are able to OPEN other files from our site, AND you are able to OPEN the file in question but cannot PRINT it, then it could be that Teacher has added extra security to it. Per our terms, you are allowed to print one copy for your personal use. Just send us a message and we'll ask the Teacher to remove the security to print. Once again, your Downloads will be updated automatically once the Teacher completes the upload.