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Writing ebooks about shading and the Zentangle® Method forced me to re-think and uncover secrets and artistic concepts I had taken for granted and used for decades as an award winning artist, such as composition, color, overlap and layering. 


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These are the LOVELY things people said about my ebooks!

Love your e-books! Eni 🤗 Quickly went through the last two and was still able to find some great techniques and tips. Just amazing.....keep them coming please! 
Eni Oken Czt books are THE BOMB> i did a successful jewel on the first try w/ her instructions.
Dear Eni, I am happy, thank you so much! I Love your Books and your Tutorials!

Eni Oken’s books are incredible. Bought 3 also, but am on my third read of Fearless before I venture farther. My head holds only so much, and the books are crammed with good info.

Eni Oken Thanks, your books are so well done making each step easy to understand…can’t wait for the next one.

I have several of Eni Oken books and love them, excellent resource.

Eni, Your two print books were delivered yesterday.  I sat and read them without making a move.    They were nicely wrapped and of excellent quality.  And the content was wonderful.  You did an outstanding job explaining everything.

All I can say is WOW!  Thank you for opening new worlds for me with your wonderful instructions and stunning artwork!

I love your printed books from Lulu. They are so nicely printed and the packaging amazes me because they *really* protect the book inside. I’m going to read one now and look forward to your 3D one soon!

Love your art… Thanks for gift of sharing your art and talents.

Eni, I’ve loved your work and your tutes since coming to your wirewrapping materials years ago. How wonderful that you’re into ZT’s now!!
I have bought your shading fearlessly book and last night bought the gemstone book. Both are FANTASTIC. I had success with the first 2 gemstones I attempted! Thank you for your immense creative gifts as a maker and a teacher. You’re awesome in every way!!

I enjoy e-books, because there is no hassle coming from Eni’s site. This e-book is chocked full of ideas, techniques and a material list. This is one of the best e-books I have purchased. Eni does a great job as a writer.

I am learning so much from the Ebooks you produce. I like the details you put into them and thank you for the challenges in learning new techniques.

Eni – I just want to thank you for those e-books. I got my 3rd today – I love them

I think your books are great. I’ve learned so much from them.

Eni, your creations are always so stunning. I don’t know about others, but I do find myself hanging on your every word when you critique my work or others. I always study the tile after your comments. I’ve learned so much and am grateful for your time and talent that you share.

If you don’t learn from these books, nothing will help you. Even the tiniest detail is explained – nothing left out – nothing to add. Eni’s books are the Best !

Eni Oken is a Certified Zentangle® Teacher