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Illuminated Vines new lesson, now available for Art Club

This lesson shows you how to create this gorgeous design inspired and adapted by 15th Century Illuminated Manuscripts. Sign up for Art Club today and get this lesson now.

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If you missed getting this amazing lesson with Art Club, you can still get this lesson at my teachable school.

"After 30 years as an Artist and Art Instructor, I finally found an Art Method I can combine with my own work, follow every day AND help de-stress. YOU CAN TOO."
-Eni Oken


Compulsive Creator?

Join Art Club

De-stress with meditative art and learn new art techniques. Join the Art Club subscription and get every new lesson posted from the moment you sign up. Also bonuses, live sessions and “caring critique”!

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Art Clubbers also get lessons and bonuses!

  • Every new lesson — video or ebook — posted after signing up

  • Mini step-out PDFs showing how I created the latest pictures in my blog

  • Live video sessions, which are also recorded for later access

  • PDF summaries of video lessons to carry around

  • “Caring Critique” from me and other clubbers at the our Facebook group

  • Participate in the Student Galleries

This is what Art Clubbers got LAST YEAR:

  • Clubbers learned about 27 different lesson topics.

  • Of these lessons, 13 were in black and white, 11 in color, and the rest covered other media or techniques. 

  • Clubbers received 26 videos ranging between 45 minutes to an hour each, also an additional 7 ebooks, plus all the bonus materials posted on the Facebook group.

  • If purchased separately, all these items would have cost a whopping $480. 

  • Instead, Clubbers got a hefty 40% discount, not counting the bonuses not for available to the public. 

  • If participating in our private Facebook group, Clubbers read over 1500 comments posted by me and other Clubbers.

Student Galleries

Art Club members produce an astounding amount of art. You can view the Student Galleries divided by lesson. Everything is posted with permission, of course! Here are links to some of the latest ones.

There is a lot more happening here: 

Learn Zentangle and so much more! • enioken.com

Shop lessons individually

Visit my new lesson shop on Teachable and choose from over a variety of different lessons on Zentangle, design and shading!

Get organized with Zencils - Plastic Templates

I developed these plastic templates specifically to create Zentangle Step-outs and Art Recipe Cards. You can find them at Jenny Perruzzi's Acadia Laser shop on Etsy:

Art & Tangle Card Game

Find inspiration and learn to evaluate your own art and Zentangle work using my amazing 48 Art Enhancer game.


Get PRINTED versions of my books

Printed in full color on luxurious thick paper. Watch my youtube video to learn more about these beautiful prints!

After 18 years, My Jewelry-Making TUTORIALS are still best-sellers: 

This is what people said about my lessons:


“I really appreciated the immediate response to my technical support request. Eni took the time on a Friday night--before a long holiday weekend!-- to help me and solve the problem. Wonderful customer service! I can't wait to do the ebook lessons!”
Jennifer Sparrow, CZT21

“Your work... is great. I love how you guide me through the lessons and I also learn difficult things. Keep it up and thank you for your inspiration even in difficult times.”
Barbara, via email