Purple Spundalaz

I'm completely entranced by the new Red Spundalaz video lesson which came out this past week. My son suggested that I post a series of pictures AS I was creating them on my instagram account (what a notion!) and I happily complied this Sunday morning. 

Here's the original spun background using watercolors and the work-in-progress lineart:

Here is the work in progress, I've used a mix of different pencils to add very dramatic shading to the Spundalaz and also to the fragments. 

The final touch is to apply white Gelly Roll pen, that makes the picture just sing: 

Here's the final picture, I used watercolor spin art background, fine-liners for the line-art, and colored pencils for the shading and coloring. No graphite pencil or marker was used. 

And here's a close-up. Wow, I love this thing!

Really fun! The lesson is out first for Art Club subscribers, and soon will be available at my shop: