Blue Spundalaz Zen Button

When I was at Tangle U this year, Chris Titus showed me how she creates her Spundalaz using a toy spinner and markers (check out Love Buttonz FB group here). Super fun! Finally I got a spinner and time to sit down and try this technique. I combined it with Marguerite Samama's excellent tutorial on how to create a Zen Button, using almost the same fragments. 

Here is the line-art right after the spin -- forgot to take a picture of the original spin -- and also after shading and coloring: 

I really like how dimensional it came out, and also the fragments that are sitting over the wheel like sleeves. 

Unfortunately, I created this over regular card stock, and the paper suffered under my many layers of coloring and shading. Note to self, next time spin over watercolor paper. 

Must try this again!