Fragmented Windows

The topic of the week seems to be visiting the past. Back in 90's, I was completely involved in a career in creating fantasy worlds and texture mapping for video games. In video games, we ate, drank, slept and breathed thinking about textures and pattern repetition. After I switched to jewelry design, I did not touch the subject for over a decade, until I found Zentangle. 

In Zentangle lingo, fragment is the basic repeating unit and reticula is the grid or frame where the pattern will repeat. I had a ton of requests for a video lesson on fragment and reticula, and avoided the topic for a long while. Now finally, pattern repetition found its way back to me, sneaking in the most unexpected way. 

For some reason I've been thinking of windows, frames and deep shadows. If you ask me what inspired me to create this lesson, I really couldn't tell you. But it's almost here, and almost ready. Exploring pattern repetition -- fragments -- to create this deep, dramatic framework. 

This is a sneak peek of the lesson coming soon:

Not only it covers how to create this dramatic framework, but also how to explore mirroring and rotating fragments. The interesting thing about it is that I found myself wrapped in an incredible amount of Zenflow while creating these dramatic windows. 

And the results were surprisingly dramatic! The thing literally seems to be carved into the paper. 

I can't stop making Fragmented windows.... coming soon for you too. 


Fragmented Windows Video Lesson

Start to understand how to manipulate fragments, while creating this super dramatic and dimensional frame. Intermediate 50-min video. 
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