Fragmented Windows Lesson now back again

Now that I'm back from my vacation, I'm getting more and more requests for older lessons to be passed to the new video shop. I had several requests for this one to be brought back, so here it is!

Fragments and Deep Shading

This is the perfect lesson for those who wonder about “Fragments”. What is that all about? That is Zentangle's name for the “basic repeating unit of a pattern” (admittedly, fragments is a far better name). Repeating patterns must, well, repeat, right? The way they repeat is the key — and this lesson explores that potential in this beautiful dimensional design.

This lesson is not as complex as it seems, but it has a lot of potential. The use of a “window-style” reticulum (ok, another work that is used by Zentangle, to describe the framework where the fragments fit into), makes this the perfect example for those who want to start learning about fragments and reticula (plural of reticulum).

The easiest way to understand fragments is to really play with them and I'll show you how in this lesson as well. Rotating, mirroring and displacing the fragments creates enormous variety of different meta-patterns (greater patterns).

The lesson doesn't stop with fragments, it also covers how to shade this fun project to form a SUPER 3-dimensional effect. You'll be shocked at how dimensional it turns out, all through careful placement and understanding of directional shadows.

What I like about this lesson is that you can create a whole bunch of these tiles to form a larger mosaic, each one different — but in the same style — as the other. This is why this lesson has become a favorite amongst CTZs (Certified Zentangle Teachers) who enjoy teaching this lesson live to their students as an introduction to fragments. (Yes, I do allow CZTs to teach this lesson live and in person — not electronically, as long as they give me credit and use their own materials).

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