Fragments inside Twisted Rope

Playing with Fragmented Windows. This time I took out my Art & Tangle card game and pulled out three cards to add to the fragments. I pulled out Brown/Black pen, Watercolor string and Twisted Ropes. What fun! 

For some reason I've been thinking of windows, frames and deep shadows. If you ask me what inspired me to create this lesson, I really couldn't tell you. But it's almost here, and almost ready. Exploring pattern repetition -- fragments -- to create this deep, dramatic framework. 

I had a watercolored tile that I created at Tangle U in Tess Imobersteg's class, and it was just waiting for this. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the background by itself! Anyway, you can see it on the left with the line-art. 

I drew first the Twisted rope, dividing the area into sections, and filled each one with a different fragment, using brown pen. I shaded with graphite pencil, copic markers and colored pencils. I love how dramatic and dimensional it looks! Here is a close-up of the final art after shaded:

Here are the two main lessons that were used in this project:

Twisted Ropes Video Lesson

Learn how to create these super cool twisted ropes, and to developed a tangled background. 
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Fragmented Windows Video Lesson

Start to understand how to manipulate fragments, while creating this super dramatic and dimensional frame. Intermediate 50-min video. 
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