More Zen-ful Houses

More little zen-ful houses! I'm diligently working on a video lesson on this, so much fun. It's interesting how atmospheric shading can push back the background houses. 

Partial Line-art:

After Shading:

I used only graphite pencils to shade this one, and I love how the soft large gradients help to distinguish one house from the one behind it. 

I'm working very hard to make this lesson fit into an hour, there is just so much to do, I want to show two different methods of creating houses, one intermediate and one advanced. It might become slightly longer than that, but I hope not much more. 

Here's a close-up: 

Once again, if you want to find more inspiration to draw these little houses, look at my very large Pinterest board on Castles and Fantasy houses:

Zen-ful Houses Video Lesson

Learn how to create these adorable villages with tiny fantasy houses using two different techniques, intermediate and advanced. A 1:15 hr video.