Little Fantasy Houses

I just LOVE little houses, especially if they are wacky and funky. Back in 1998 when I was immersed into computer graphics and video games, I taught a a very successful class on designing fantasy worlds, at various locations and conferences. I guess it's the only connection I really have with Architecture, which is my degree. So when Sandra M. suggested a challenge to create stacked houses, I almost squealed with delight. 


After Shading:

It's been 20 years since creating fantasy worlds. The only drawing with houses I created since was this one, during cancer treatment, probably 2012:

Just for a comparison, this is what I used to create back in the computer graphic days: 

Weeeesh, I can't believe I made these! It's almost like they were created by another person. They each took weeks to complete, and both pictures won awards from the CGI community. It was before cancer, before my son, and a lot has happened. I agonized over every single detail and looking back, it wasn't a very Zen-ful process. 

Back to the present. I'm happier now than I've ever been in my life. My drawings take 2 hours at the most, and when I'm done, I'm relaxed and happy. 

Here's a close-up:

Very interesting to look back. In conclusion, I am still fascinated with little houses, fantasy houses, castles and villages. But now the process is easy, Zen-ful, delightful. I am still going to explore more of this!
I have this fantastic Pinterest board on Castles and Fantasy houses for you to find inspiration:

I recorded the entire process of creating this picture. If you would like to see a lesson on how to create these ZEN-FUL houses, let me know :-)