Live Session with Fatpaper fringe, tassels and more

Last Thursday I held my third live online session for Art Clubbers at the Facebook group. I had scheduled the session for Wednesday morning (Pacific Standard Time), but the MASSIVE outage which happened on Facebook and Instagram thwarted our plans. The live session was INCREDIBLY fun, lasted a little over 35 minutes and I covered a number of little tidbits somewhat related to my latest lesson Fan String. Participants could watch me in real time, post comments and ask question through the chat window. This is what we covered:

Fat Paper Fringe and Tassel

This is an alternative to the original fan string I created. Here you can see the original and the variation I posted on my blog a few days later using the Fat Paper string. Fat Paper is a tangle by Livia Chua (original step-out here).

In the live session, I showed how to create a fringe and a tassel using this super fun tangle pattern. Here you can see a few screengrabs of the work that was shown during the live session. Keep in mind that this information is not included in the original Fan String video.

Selecting best types of Fragments for Puffy effect

After we covered the fringes and tassels, I also discussed a little on how to select the best fragments to use with the Fan String lesson. It's a simple solution: choose fragments with straight lines, but there are some things to avoid and to keep in mind, and I showed how that works and why.

Tips for better Mooka3D

Finally, I answered a question posted by the Art Clubbers on how to overcome difficulties drawing Mooka3D, a tangleation I developed based on the classic Mooka tangle by Zentangle Inc. This is a tricky but beautiful tangle, and I showed Clubbers a few tips that could help.

Overall, the live session was TREMENDOUS fun, and I am planning on having more of them interspersed with formal lessons. By the way, these live sessions were RECORDED and posted for Clubbers who could not attend the live session in person, so that they too could benefit from these lessons.

However, the live session is NOT available anywhere else, only Art Club members have access to them. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Art Club today.