Zentwining Lesson Bundle or Ebook

Zentwining is a tangle enhancer originally developed by Lynn Mead (you can see Lynn's technique here), where beautiful ribbons are intertwined and wrapped around the string pencil lines. I've used Zentwining in at least 50% percent of my work, especially after I discovered it, and just love it!

My version of Zentwining is, in fact, a little simpler than Lynn's, wrapping on one section of the string at a time. In this new video lesson — created with Lynn's permission, of course — I'm showing you how I use Zentwining, and the techniques to watch out to create beautiful flowy ribbons.

Are a visual learner or a reader? Now you can choose:

In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to understand the method I use to create Zentwining ribbons

  • How to create edgework to simulate flowy, wrapping ribbons

  • How to add fragments and decorative borders to Zentwining ribbons

  • How to shade Zentwining ribbons

  • Commented examples

  • So many tips and tricks!

Learn how to create beautiful flowy, wrapping ribbons

Create complex intertwined masses with glorious decorated tangles

Step by step detailed shading to make your Zentwining ribbons look super dimensional

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