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Eni Oken
Learn to explore Art, Zentangle® and Fantasy

Eni Oken's Art Club:

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The only way to grow artistically is to be exposed to a variety of skills and get caring feedback on a regular basis

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"Art Club is a never ending treasure box of wonder!"

Michelle D., via facebook
Art Clubber since July, 2017


Zentangle Newbie

"I am a Zentangle newbie and never ever considered myself to have any artistic ability at all and could not draw a straight line if my life depended on it. I joined the Art Club and LOVE each lesson!!! The dramatic improvements in creativity and drawing I have made continue to blow my mind! My fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination were poor due to neurological damage suffered from a long term illness and thought to be permanent...nope, am improving now and I am having so much fun!!! THANK YOU Eni Oken for sharing your inspiring talent and lessons _ YOU ROCK!!! "
Victoria F. via email
Clubber since May 2017

Tap into creative self

For anyone reading this who isn't already a member: if you can join, I highly recommend Art Club. You might think that this-or-that lesson doesn't interest you? I'm betting that you will STILL get something from it that you CAN apply to what you're currently working on! Eni's instructions are clear and while she is talking she shows you also by doing it herself. You can learn just from watching with the sound turned off! And she goes into so much detail that is not only interesting, but informative. I have NEVER regretted signing up and recommend it to everyone I know!
P.S. This recommendation was unsolicited, LOL!

Tandika Star, via Facebook
Clubber since May 2017

“I second that recommendation! I'm learning a ton from Art Club and really enjoying it!”

Jenna Black, via Facebook
Clubber since May 2017

Beautiful Artwork

“I always wanted to create beautiful artwork and Eni made that possible. She inspires confidence and creativity that I never knew I had. Each lesson is an eye opener for me. Thanks so much Eni Oken.”

Tara Provost, via Facebook
Clubber since September 2017

Learning so much

"Yippee Hooray! Thank you so much Eni Oken, you are truly an Amazing teacher! I'm so glad I became a member of your Art Club! I'm learning so much! Thank you!

Dawn Reaume, via Facebook
Clubber since June 2017

Unfailing cheerfulness

“Thanks, Eni Oken, and all the members of art club who have made this a wonderful place to learn. Eni, I am so grateful for your instruction, the variety of material (something for everyone), the lightheartedness and humor you bring to the lessons, your unfailing cheerfulness coupled with honest feedback, and on and on. I am starting to gradually feel more confident and it’s so satisfying to see that change and learning never stop. I bet I’m not the only one who feels this way! Thank you, thank you!”

Hilary Smith, via Facebook
Clubber since Jan 2018


“Love Art Club… getting to watch the videos over & over, at any hour… priceless!!!”

Patsy Monk, via Facebook
Clubber since June 2018




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