Tassel Fan with Fat Paper Fringe

My love for for all things decorative and ornamental includes baubles like tassels. They remind me of my grandmother, who lived till 99. With my mother visiting, it's only natural that I think of her own mother. I followed the same structure as the Fan String (find a video lesson here), and added some fun tassels.

Here is the line-art, before and after shading:

Shading makes such a difference! I love looking at the before and after, it always surprises me. This fan has very few known fragments, I mostly used Baton (Carole Ohl), Mooka3D and Fatpaper (Livia Chua) for the fantastic fringe. Love, love, love that fringe! Here's a close-up of the picture:

If you like this drawing with a fan-like string and old-pen hatching and would like to learn more, check out this lesson at the Shop.