Spherified Eggs

Last week Art Clubbers and I were playing with the concept of Spherifying, which takes a simple grid and converts it into an orb or sphere (learn more about the Spherify ebook here). Being that eggs are my son's favorite food, I couldn't resist playing with that concept. This one started with a string from the tireless Adele Bruno who runs the “It's a String thing” weekly challenge, now in in its 281'st installment.

The challenge suggested three different grid tangles: Bitten by CZT Carole Ohl, Pinwheels by CZT Suzanne McNeill and Strircles by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, all three grids with extraordinary amount of drama and contrast, perfect for spherifying.

I actually started a different tile — with the same idea of making the grids into spherified eggs, but I didn't care for it too much, I felt there was something missing. This is the first tile, unfinished.

Then it struck me to use the same concept as we used in the Wine Tangles lesson, to add a border to frame each one of the eggs, and that really made a world of difference. Here is the line-art. I feel that the borders frame and finish off the line-art in a much nicer way. I used Crescent Moon, Meer (both Zentangle), Carrés (Genevieve Crabe), Prestwood (Margaret Bremner) and Curl On (Linda Rea)

Here is the final image after shading. I LOVE how the shading really makes the whole thing pop out from the paper. I'm always amazed at that kind of magic, it's as if the shapes came to life.

And here is a close-up:

If you would like to learn more about how to “Spherify”, then check out this lesson at the Shop.