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My Art Club group and I were playing with Wine Tangles — a super fun video lesson which uses wine circles as a string. This lesson includes tips on how to SPHERIFY a grid, that is, transform a flat grid to look like a sphere. This assignment-transformed-into-ebook is a case-study which takes that concept a little further.

In this case study ebook, learn how to convert simple grids into floating bubbles


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If you enjoyed the Wine Tangle lesson, you'll love this project

Continuing where the Wine Tangles lesson left off, this ebook focuses on a single project where we'll SPHERIFY a series of grids to make them look like floating bubbles!

Spherify: to transform a flat grid to look like a sphere through optical illusion

Learn how to use perspective tricks to “Spherify” a grid,
transforming it into a super dimensional sphere

In this ebook you will learn:

  • The two important components of transforming a grid into a spherical grid

  • How to use a simple string with orbs to create dimensional bubbles

  • How to add grid patterns to a spherical grid to increase dimensionality

  • How to shade the spheres to enhance 3D

  • How to add 3D ribbons and auras around the bubbles

  • And so many tips and tricks!

Spherify is such a fun project, so much easier than it looks

22 pages and 56 step-by-step pictures


Looks a lot harder than it is: use your favorite tangles to “Spherify”


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