Mooka3D tangle pattern

Learn how to create beautiful Zentangle® •

This is a tangleation of Zentangle's Mooka tangle -- by adding Echo Lines around a single tendril of Mooka, you can create an incredibly 3-dimensional swirl that is useful for a variety of situations. 

Here is the basic step-out:

I started using Mooka3D when I first came out with my ebook on Echo Lines. Here you can see it in some Zendalas created in January 2017: 

Learn to create Zentangle® •
Learn how to create Zentangle® •

This is a super versatile pattern because it can be repeated in the round, as you see in the Zendalas, but can also be applied anywhere else in a tile: 

You can also use it in Dinbatz, to form more interesting frames! You can find a video lesson on how to create Mooka3D with Dingbatz here.

Learn to create Zentangle® •

My latest project includes creating tangled words using Mooka3D. Notice how even the BACKGROUND is entirely made of Mooka3D!

Learn how to create beautiful Zentangle® •

Learn more about how to make these tangled words:


Tangled Words Video Lesson

Learn how to create these beautiful tangled words for cards and short quotes, using mooka3D, inked pens and colored pencils. Learn more


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