Animals? Monsters?

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Trying something new, got fascinated by the blob animal challenge from the Zia facebook group. The challenge called to create "blob animals" based loosely on Carla Sonheim's imaginary creatures, but after digging around a little, I found also Steve Loya's fantastic Splotch Monsters.

Since this is something completely different from my comfort zone, I did a warm up exercise and created some beaks, eyes and other animal elements based loosely on what I saw around. 

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After warm up, I tackled the project and created a few watercolor blobs. Interesting how the animal just seem to magically appear in front of you, you SEE it with your mind's eye. 

Learn how to create beautiful Zentangle® •

Ok, after the first animal's trunk became a second three-legged critter, I decided that it was just too weird and this is not for me -- not right now. Too creeeeeepy! 

Ok, in all seriousness, this was fun, but it did require a bit too much thinking for my taste! Perhaps after I read Carla's book, it will inspired me again. Awaiting for it in the mail. 

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