Glowing Digital Mandalas

My super cool and supportive mother was visiting me during March and gave me a new Ipad as a gift. The thing I like the most about this is the Apple Pencil, and of course I couldn't resist trying to create a glowing mandala using Procreate's symmetry tool. Procreate is probably my favorite painting app ever, I like it more than Photoshop. The symmetry tool allows you to create only one quadrant of the mandala, while it automagically repeats it all around the rest. Here's my first “glowing mandala”, before and after coloring and shading.

Here's a little step-out of it and a close-up too:

Not being able to resist it, I tried a second one, more complex. Here is the line-art. Weeeesh, would I be able to color this in?

It was not as difficult as I thought, just very time consuming. But who cares? Here is the picture, right after coloring, and then later, after shading.

And here's a close-up. Just looooove me a glowing mandala!!!