Renaissance Stacked Stripes

Stacked Stripes is my latest lesson, and it's the kind of project you can adapt to pretty much any type of paper or style. I felt in the mood for creating a tan tile, using brown and black pen. I love Zentangle because you never know what you're going to get, like the proverbial box of of chocolates. This is the final picture:

The center and focal tangle is Heartrope (Bunny Wright, step-out here), followed by a row of fragments from the Zentangle primer. Next, Mekana tangle by Simona Cordara, and also Mooka3D. Here's a brief step-out:

I love the “candy box” effect you can get by adding different Leaf Fragments along an edge, so much fun. The shading was done with white charcoal, black, brown, yellow and blue colored pencils. pencil. Here's another picture:

Obviously, Art Club members got a detailed step-out of this Case Study included in their lessons. If you would like to learn more about Stacked Stripes, check out this lesson at the shop.