Opaque Paint Media Lesson Bundle or Ebook

This lesson is one that I've been dying to unveil — it was first released at Tangle U 2019, an sort of experiment in using opaque paint media.

I treated this lesson like an experiment, following 6 steps I have used since the time when I was back in jewelry design and computer graphics, from shopping and selecting new media, to establishing a personal challenge and conducting elaborate color contrast tests.

Are a visual learner or a reader? Now you can choose:

In this lesson you will learn:

  • The importance of testing new media yourself to promote your own creative growth

  • Six steps on how to test new media

  • How to shop and select without going broke

  • How to conduct extensive color contrast charts

  • How to use Posca markers, gel pens and more

  • Four different methods of drawing tangles using opaque paint markers

  • How to complete a project from beginning to end

  • Commented examples

  • So many tips and tricks!

Learn how to use super fun paint markers and other opaque media

Learn how to understand and balance color contrast

Create a super fantastic colorful project using paint markers and gel pens

Use familiar tangles in a new and fun way

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