Echo Lines Lesson Bundle or Ebook

Do you love Zentangle® or doodling for the meditative qualities? Then you'll LOVE “Echo lines”. This type of meditative drawing can be used on its own or as a tangle enhancer. Learn how to create 3-dimensional abstract shapes that seem to float and move on the paper!

Echo Lines can be used alone or as a tangle enhancer

I came up with the name “Echo Lines” to describe a type of drawing that is done intuitively using only groups of lines which seem to form 3-dimensional shapes in space, even before shading. After the huge success of my ebook Echolines published in 2017, I got many requests for a video lesson. Here it is! You can get the video lesson alone or bundled with the original ebook.

The ultimate relaxation: intuitive line drawing

Are you a visual learner or a reader?
Now you can choose!

In this lesson you will:

  • Learn the difference between Auras and Echo Lines

  • Learn the many guidelines on how to create interesting and dimensional Echo Line geometry

  • Learn how to shade Echo Lines

  • Learn how to adapt Echo Lines to existing tangles

  • Learn how to identify tangles which contain embedded Echo Lines

  • Develop a whole Echo Line project from beginning to end

  • And so many tips and tricks!

Learn an ultra relaxing drawing technique

Learn the guidelines of how to create gorgeous abstract line art


Echo Lines are easy but extremely powerful. With a few simple guidelines, you too can create lovely abstract shapes.

The MOST MINIMALIST type of meditative drawing you'll ever encounter


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