Echotanicals is a silly word I invented to describe these drawings I've been creating lately. during the holidays, things are so crazy that I barely have time to draw, let alone to think of different tangles. During busy times I usually play with Echo Lines, which are so easy and relaxing. During some of these explorations, I noticed that some of the freeform Echo Line groups looked almost like fantasy buds or plants.

When drawn over tan paper, they reminded me of old engraved botanical inked drawings, hence the crazy name “Echotanicals”.

I never had intention of making any of these look like a realistic flower or leaf, but somehow they remind me of plants.

This one even reminds me of a rose blossom:

After creating a few of these random “fictitious” plants, I tried to make it look more like a proper flower. Surprisingly, I don't like it as much as the ones that appeared organically, unintentionally.

Here they are, the ones that I have so far. The fun thing about these Echotanicals is that they produce HOURS of Zen flow, but can be created in little chunks, which is exactly what I need during this time of year.

I simply LOVE the way those lines produce such organic results, and I'm already working on a lesson to show you this fun technique. Stay tuned, it will appear at the Shop!