Echo Lines Video Lesson coming soon

Back in March 2017 I released the ebook Echo Lines and it became an instant success. For almost two years I've had requests for a video version, and now I finally am completing it! “Echo Lines” is a term I coined to describe a type of drawing that is very intuitive, made exclusively of lines which reduce and seem to create 3-dimensional flowing shapes. Here are a couple of examples of a drawing using Echo Lines.

These objects appear 3-dimensional not only because of the shading, but due to the way the lines are constructed, reducing in a series. Here you can see that even the line-art before shading appears to form a 3-dimensional geometry in space:

The reason why Echo Lines appear 3-dimensional is due to foreshortening, which is a technique used by artists where objects that are smaller appear to be further back into the distance:

Echo Lines are similar to Auras, but are not the same. Auras, a traditional Zentangle enhancer, typically goes around the shape of an object following a more or less parallel trajectory, very much like the ripples formed by a pebble falling into a pond. Echo Lines, on the other hand, reduce and anchor on to the previous edge and not always follow the same style or shape.

Echo Lines can be used alone as a very solid and beautiful meditative type of drawing, or can act as Tangle Enhancer, adding much depth to traditional tangle patterns. Here is an example of Ixorus (Zentangle). By adding Echo Lines near the edges of the string section, the string section acquires a much more organic look. Combined with a little shading, it can be a powerful tangle enhancer.

This new video comes out this week — you can find it at my SHOP — and is free for CURRENT subscribers of Art Club.

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