Flemish Underpainting PDF Ebook

Learn how to create warm, luminous coloring using century-old wisdom from the Flemish painting masters, adapted to watercolor markers and colored pencils.

It's always good to learn from the classical masters

Extracting wisdom from classical painting masters is always a good idea — in this “case-study” ebook, learn how I used underpainting techniques to create warm, luminous and painterly coloring using only colored pencils and waterbrush markers.


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In this ebook you will:

  • Learn how to prepare an underpainting for coloring, using century-old wisdom

  • Learn how to blend colors using white colored pencil

  • Learn how to create luminous, painterly coloring using only watercolor marker and colored pencils

  • Study 2 case-study examples

Add this incredible trick to your coloring techniques

Supplies needed:

14 pages, 30 pictures, detailed step-by-step

Two case-study examples show you exactly how I created these luminous pictures using only watercolor markers and colored pencils.



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