Echo Lines

Whenever I lack inspiration, I return to the things I love creating the most. Echolines are one of those things, the fluidity of the lines is so relaxing and creates such beautifully unexpected 3-dimensional results. 

This was a super easy and quick tile, you can see how I completed part of it with a black pen and the rest with a light gray fineliner. Here it is again, before and after shading:

Here is a close-up: you can see how after shading with graphite, I tinted the shading lightly with colored pencils. I feel this gives a very unique look to the tile, breaks a bit the "grayness" of it.

And this is the final picture again, it was made over a Zentangle® tile and measures 3.5 inches square. 

If you want to learn more about Echo Lines, then get my ebook. I'm considering creating a video on Echolines, so if you would like to vote for that, contact me here.