Blue Micro Tangling

I just love the contrast of thin and thick pens. After using thick pens in my latest lesson Blue Sun, I spent the last three days playing with super tiny lines, and also with dip pens. Love that intricate and delicate look! 

I just felt like making everything super super tiny, the lines so very close. These were made with green and blue fine-liners, then shaded with colored pencils. Take a peek at this close-up: 

I combined a whole bunch of tangles with echolines and used a ton of sparkles (a tangle enhancer). The background is just a swirl of watercolor, done really quickly as a string. 

Here are two pictures, one in black and white, and one in green and blue. I like the green/blue better, I think, it's just so organic and fun. 


Would you like to see a lesson on Micro Tangling? If so, then contact me here and let me know.

Meanwhile, you can check out my lesson Echo Lines here.