2018 Art Club Student Gallery


Click here to visit the gallery now:

The things that I loved about assembling this gallery:

1) The works were created based on the my own lessons, and as such, show some of the similarities. And yet, almost all the students managed to imbed their own style and personality into the work. No two designs are alike, even though they started with the same lesson!

2) Students who participated for longer than 6 to 8 months showed an incredible growth in their creative work, and most importantly, in the confidence they displayed not only towards their technique, but as artists in general.

3) The gallery was self-curated, which gave students an opportunity to choose their favorite pieces. Although lessons span a variety of topics — some not entirely connected to Zentangle — it was amazing for me, as a teacher, to watch over the past year how each student gravitated towards a different lesson and got fully immersed into it, excelling and overcoming their own challenges. The self-curated gallery simply reflects what we saw during the year.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful gallery!