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If you think you cannot create art this intricate, then think again.
You CAN learn how to create these gorgeously detailed butterflies!

Learn how to create beautiful inked butterflies

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The ebook contains 73 pages with 270 step-by-step pictures


These stunning “carved” butterflies are created using tangle patterns that you know and love.

Learn how to create stunning complex drawings you never imagined you could do. You won't believe your own eyes!

Learn how to create intricate mirrored pictures using Tangle patterns you know and love

In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to understand Leaf Tangles

  • 3 different ways to prepare a guideline for your butterfly project

  • How to understand and draw mirrored symmetry

  • How to use graph paper to help you with symmetry

  • How to create incredible intricacy with inking, hatching and line-weight

  • How to create overlap for deep 3D effects

  • How to create a butterfly project from beginning to end

  • How to shade your butterfly project

  • Different options and variations for borders

  • And so many tips and tricks!

If you love the relaxing flow of symmetry, you will LOVE THE BUTTERFLY PROJECT


Supplies needed:

  • Hot-pressed watercolor paper tile 4x4 inches printed with a grid (template provided in the lesson)

  • Black inking pen, my favorite is the Sakura Micron 01

  • Black colored pencil. My favorite is the Polychromos

  • Blending stump

  • Graphite pencil. My favorite is Staedtler Mars F pencil.

  • No printer? Use a grid stencil to mark dotted grid. Find a 3.5 inch one here

  • Optional: create and print your own grid using one of these websites. Remember I do not endorse or own any of these, so caution when using:
    1) Gridzzly: super easy to use, my favorite.
    2) Incompetech: offers many different options and different selections. Careful with the ads and misleading green buttons.
    3) Printablepaper: huge selection of shapes, but doesn't offer option to customize the paper size.

This lesson will work over any type of graph paper



Similar but not the same, gorgeously carved butterflies

The results are so intricate you'll be amazed

Templates and a Leaf Sampler included with the video lesson


Visit the Gallery to see more pictures!


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