Tangled Butterflies

I've been enchanted and mesmerized by these tangled butterflies — a new lesson is finally in production — perhaps it's my desire for spring even though winter has barely started. My mother is coming to visit me in the spring and perhaps it's no coincidence that today is her birthday. Happy birthday, Mami! Meanwhile we cocoon — our house was flooded and we have been living in a hotel while it's under construction. #homesickisnojoke !!!! Here's the first one I created:

I have to confess, this one was a challenge — I'm not a fan of making things symmetrical, and it took me a while to figure out tools that could overcome that challenge. In the upcoming lesson I settled for using a dotted grid paper. For this first butterfly, I used the beautiful large triangular grid stencil Tri Me 8 by Jenny Perruzzi, and I love how the dots of the grid were incorporated into the design, cool effect! In the final lesson, however, I settled for a smaller grid spacing (you can find the excellent Ultra grid stencil here), as I felt it was going to be easier to mirror the shapes. Here's a huge close-up:

I'm super psyched about the upcoming lesson, so stay tuned!