Sallie and Tandika's 2017 Reviews

After I posted my 2017 Yearly Review, two of my very dedicated students posted their reviews as well. I JUST love what they did! Both student divided their reviews by month, and it's very interesting to see the progress of each artist. 

Aside from showing incredible progress, I'd like to thank both artists for the words they expressed about how much they learned this last year with Art Club. It is so rewarding to me as a teacher!

Tandika Star's Review

Tandika's comment are in the video! What an amazing display. 


Sallie's Review

Here are Sallie's comments and images, sent via email:

"Dear Eni....I read your suggestion about reviewing this year and found this to be a really good idea. I have attempted to compile a collection of what I have done this year and wanted to share it with you. When I discovered Zentangle last February I simply began willy nilly searching for new tangles and drawing them without any real concept to guide me. Then in March I discovered you and bought a few of your ebooks such as Shading Smooth Gems and later Choosing Tangle Patterns which really got the ball rolling. Not long after that the Art Club was born and I have been learning and improving ever since. I am still not as bold with my shading as I would like to be but I am slowly getting there. The use of color has always attracted me and I began early on using colored ink pens and pencils, but only after entering the Art Club have I begun to learn how to use them artistically. As a result of the Choosing Tangle Patterns  I began building up my art supplies and now have quite a nice collection as well as a real road map of how to learn new tangles, make step-outs and index them in a very organized way...not to mention my running tab with Amazon..;-). I am attaching a sort of overview the progression of my work/play. I decided to make some collages of related tiles in chronological order."

Pictures posted with permission of both artists.