Another Chaotic Tangleation tile

I continue to explore 4 basic tangles in crazy chaotic tangleations! Using the same four patterns -- hollibaugh, crescent moon, bales and printemps. Turned out different than the previous one, but equally chaotic. Here are both tiles side by side. The same tangles, but different results:

Now, even though they look chaotic, it's not just randomly adding tangles. There really is a method to the madness and it's the topic of my next lesson Chaotic Tangleations. Here is the partial line-art of the second tile:

Here is another screengrab of the lineart, almost complete:

And here is the final tile again, completed with shading:


Chaotic Tangleations Video Lesson

This is an ULTRA ADVANCED video lesson showing you how to use tangleations to produce complex images that resemble the work of doodlers, using your most beloved tangles.
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