Footlites Chaos

I think I confirmed something about my drawing style that I knew already -- too much chaos gets a little overwhelming after a while. I need a good balance between chaos and order in my life. So when my Art Club students asked for another set of tangles to play with Chaotic Tangleations, I thought to myself "I'm going to take it slow on this one and just enjoy the zen". Was SOOOO fun! 

It was really lovely to not worry too much, and I think there is a natural order mixed with a tiny bit of chaos that is very pleasing to me. I found the right mixture of chaos and order!

I used tangles Footlites (Carole Ohl), Cockles N Mussels (Margaret Bremner), Joki (Kim Aarts) and Schiefer (Simone Bischoff). This was the combination I suggested to my group. I picked Footlites because it uses mostly straight lines and can reach far; Joki on the other hand is curvy and contrasts with Footlites; Schiefer is very orderly and regular, contrasting with Cockles and Mussels which is a bit more chaotic. I guess I didn't realize it, but I needed a balance in the tangles too! 

Here is a sequence showing the lineart:

And here is the final picture once again: 


Chaotic Tangleations Video Lesson

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