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Have you ever wondered how certain artists seem to have a constant and permanent stream of inspiration, while you're left staring at the blank page? Inspiration doesn't simply come out of thin air: the best and most prolific artists keep careful registry of their ideas, projects past and future, especially for those moments when the muse seems to go away for a walk. 

Learn to create a "Zentangle Recipe book" so you never run out of ideas and inspiration!


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This lesson contains optional Closed Captions for the hearing-impaired

In this lesson you will:

  • Learn how to create Recipe cards that can help you register your ideas and techniques

  • Understand different types of Zentangle Recipes you can store, other than patterns

  • Learn how to reverse engineer your own art to solidify what you learned

  • Watch 4 different Recipe card case studies

  • Learn to create a catalog of ideas, techniques and projects so you never run out of inspiration

  • And so many tips and tricks!


A solid method showing how you to organize and store endless source of ideas

Removes the myth that great artists are just those with magical talent


Learn to create a Zentangle REcipe book to provide you with endless inspiration

Practical case studies showing you how to reverse-engineer and learn through your own art

Materials and Supplies

I refer these supplies because I enjoy them myself. You are not obligated to purchased these materials to complete the exercises, the lesson comes with templates which you can print, cut out and use. When you purchase these items through these link, I get a small commission at no added cost to you. 

This lesson comes with templates for you to print out:

You can also find plastic templates to use on regular 4x6 inch recipe cards:

Find the templates at Acadia Laser Creations, an art shop run by the amazingly competent Jenny Perruzzi

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This is what people said about this lesson:

"Hi Eni - thank you for the great Recipe Card video. I've thoroughly enjoyed it."

Roberta C. via email

"I have always greatly admired and appreciated the information you provide to us in your eBooks in regards to your case studies. I couldn't quite imagine how completely organized and methodical your mind must be to structure your lessons so completely. These recipe cards are fabulous. The funny thing is that I was just looking at the templates on Etsy yesterday and was wondering if I should buy them. Then I found the email with the Art Club link, how curious. Anyway, thank you a hundred fold again for giving us a lesson and a tool to help us in our creative journeys. You make it all look so incredibly easy. I've been following you for 2 years now, either through your ebook lessons, facebook page, Pinterest postings, your artwork on the Mosaic app and now through Art Club, and I learn something new everytime I open a book, watch a video, follow a lesson. The videos and ebooks aren't a one time event. I watch them over and over. I use the ebooks as references, study guides, the case studies are invaluable, You are an amazing teacher, we are blessed with your knowledge and presence. I'm sorry for what you had to go through to find Zentangle, but am thankful over and over again that you did find it, grew with it and are willing to share it."
Terri D. via email

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