More Zentangle basics — but not


Still enjoying going back to Zentangle® Basics. But is it really the basics when you get such drawings, so convoluted?  I created this one thinking of how some of the most talented doodlers there create their drawings, nothing like Zentangle, nothing repetitive. The question in my head was: can a tangled tile look like doodles? I think so. Here is a little series of line arts: 


You can see that I started with the traditional “Z” string used frequently in Zentangle Basics lessons. But instead of sticking to a single type of tangle — Crescent moon — confined to a single string section, I added it all over the place, in many different types of tangleations (tangle variations).  


I proceeded with the traditional four tangles used in Zentangle Basics — Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Printemps and Bales — but each one in a different tangleation and so intertwined you can barely see where they start and end. There is really NO REPETITIVE PATTERN here. Here's the final picture after shading:


Although there was no visible repetitive pattern here — and consequently little to promote Zen Flow — I did enjoy it and got several meditative moments, because my focus was on CHANGING the patterns every time, within the limits of those four original tangles. Here are some other images:


And another one: 


I liked creating this type of “chaotic tangling”, and there is a certain rhythm to it, it's not as crazy as it seems. Although lately certain events in my life seem to be reflecting the apparent chaos in the picture. Let me know if you want to see a lesson on this type of chaotic tangled doodle! 

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