Negative Space Microtangling

Clubbers and I are enjoying the new Micro-tangling lesson. One Clubber, Liz B., inspired me to tangle in the negative space of the picture. Wow! Completely unexpected results. Here's the final picture: 

Looks like some kind of map. I guess it's also because of the colors, turquoise and brown. Here  you can see the original watercolor picture, I made sure to choose one that had a lot of empty space: 

I used a Sakura Micron pen and also some SUPER FUN Derwent Graphik sepia pens I got in a facebook contest from the amazingly generous Jenny Perruzzi (you need to check out her lovely Etsy Shop for Tanglers here). It's so fun to get new supplies -- I almost never win anything in these FB contests, and was so thrilled to get this set of sepia pens. 

Here's another close-up of the picture, you can see how I used tons of stippling, and ton sur ton in the turquoise areas. 

SUPER fun picture to make, thank you Liz for the inspiration, and thank you Jenny for the pens!! You can learn more about Micro-tangling with this lesson: