Delicate Fantasy Agate

I'm still in a "delicate drawings" stage, who knows why. After the Microtangling lesson, I'm still quite obsessed with tiny details and lines, they are just so relaxing to me. I don't think this one really qualifies as microtangling because it doesn't use any known tangle patterns, but I like the results a lot. It reminds me a bit of some kind of crazy, fantasy agate, with all those millions of layered lines. 

I started with layers and layers of watercolor lines, here you can see two WIP pictures of the watercolor stage:

The first pass was incredibly relaxing. After using watercolors, I used fine-liners of matching colors to add lines and more lines, and super tiny details. 

Here's a super close-up of the picture, you can see all the little details:

The one thing this drawing has in common with Microtangling is that the process was very very relaxing. I think the process is self explanatory, but if you would like to learn more about how to create this Fantasy Agate, then send me a message and I'll consider making a lesson.