Blue Sun Video Lesson

I'm sure you're ready for some fun, coloring this super stylized sun, inspired by Egyptian Motifs! Learn a BEAUTIFUL method of coloring using yellow pen and colored pencils over white paper, leveraging the power of modular libraries to create a secret coded message in your drawing. 

Learn exactly how to create a gorgeous design using yellow and blue over white paper,
to create this ULTRA LAYERED design. 


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This lesson contains optional Closed Captions for the hearing-impaired

In this lesson you will:

  • Understand how to create a library of basic elements to form complex, layered pictures

  • Learn TWO different layouts to create a GORGEOUS stylized sun motif

  • Understand how to explore your own media to choose the right pencils and pens

  • Create a library and a secret alphabet to create picture-coded messages

  • Learn an amazing coloring technique with yellow pen and colored pencils over white paper

  • Create and color a project from beginning to end

  • And so many tips and tricks!


A solid technique showing how to color with yellow pen and colored pencils over white paper


Two different motifs using a beautiful and fun coloring technique

Believe it or not, these two tiles were created using exactly the same coloring technique:

Materials and Supplies:

  • Sakura Pigma Micron 01 (0.25mm) in Black

  • Thick black Sharpie pen

  • Regular pencil (my favorites for this project are F and 2B)

  • Thick yellow marker (any brand)

  • Colored pencils: medium yellow (light chrome yellow), light orange (cadmium orange), light brown (green gold), brown (burnt umber), white. I use polychromos and prismacolor pencils.

  • Watercolor pencils (or traditional watercolors): dark blue (indanthrene blue) and teal blue (cobalt turquoise). My favorite brand is Faber Castell's Albrecht Durer.

  • White gel pen. I use Sakura Gelly Roll.

  • Yellow, blue and gold gel pens

  • Hot pressed Watercolor paper

  • Practice paper (journal or cardstock).

These guidelines will works every time, however,
this is an INTERMEDIATE LESSON and is not suitable for beginners. 

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