Not so common Valentine

I had a really nice time yesterday, but I'm so glad Valentine's day is over. Frankly, I was getting a little tired of the "ever so red and pink" hearts all over the web. However, since I don't have a heart made of stone (sorry for the pun), I created this card for my beloved using a secret code my son and I invented, which is the topic for my next upcoming lesson "Blue Sun". 

The idea is heavily inspired on Egyptian hieroglyphs, and each ray of the sun corresponds to a letter. The yellow pen technique is SUPER fun and I can't wait to get the lesson out. 

This is not exactly Zentangle, but I love the way it's so modular. My BF thought it was such a cool thing to have a message coded inside a picture that way -- he's a programmer -- and right away put the frame in living room: 

Here's another view:

Blue Sun Video Lesson

Learn how to create this gorgeous project using yellow markers, colored pencils, while leveraging a modular system full of overlap. 55 minute video.