A secret alphabet for secret letters

Yesterday was working on a new soon-to-be released lesson called "Blue Sun", heavily inspired on Egyptian Hieroglyphs, when my son suggested that we create a secret alphabet with the pieces. I immediately jumped at the idea and created this drawing, which has an "encoded note" to thank him for the idea. Each piece represents a letter that spells a short sentence. Of course I'm not telling you what it says (and no, it's not the obvious "I love you"), but I thought that was a pretty neat idea on how to express love on this Valentine's month without using the traditional heart pictures. 

Entirely black and white used inking pen and just lightly shaded with a black colored pencil. 

This is not exactly Zentangle, but I love the way it's so modular -- and besides, who does't love a secret alphabet, to write mischief letters!

Here's a close-up:

Blue Sun Video Lesson

Learn how to create this gorgeous project using yellow markers, colored pencils, while leveraging a modular system full of overlap. 55 minute video.