Tangled Scrollwork

Just when I thought that I was going through an inspirational down-cycle, something happened, I started playing with some scrollwork -- which I love -- and suddenly it occurred to me create some tangled scrolls. I'm SO happy with the way it turned out, totally satisfied my craving for some scrolly spirals!

As you can see, I actually made two pictures, here is the second one before and after coloring and shading:

Here is a little sequence on how I made the line-art:

Here is a super close-up: love all those details!

And this is the final picture again. Unfortunately I started this one over some very inexpensive card-stock and it started to fall apart a little under the watercolor, I wish I had used good paper. Serves to show, always start with quality materials!

If you would be interested in learning how to create Tangled Scrollwork, send me a quick message to vote for it: contact me here.