Starfish Line Interrupted Video Lesson

This lesson explores the idea of the LINE a bit further than the traditional Zentangle method's Stroke and Aura concepts. Learn how to use the line in different ways to create beautiful subtle color gradations, illusions of 3D even without shading and how to use brush marker coloring. Echolines, Line-weight, Brush Marker and colored pencil flicks, Twinkling Hilights, all come together to form this beautiful project. 

Explore mixed media - ink, colored pencils, markers and gel pens - in two beautiful projects


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Starfish, Line Interrupted

The LINE is the most basic drawing tool, and yet so powerful. Called Stroke in the Zentangle Method, this lesson explores the Line beyond Elemental Strokes and Auras, showing you how to manipulate it to create powerful 3D effects, subtle and lovely color gradations and much more. 


In this lesson you will:

  • Manipulate the LINE beyond the Zentangle Method's traditional Stroke and Aura concepts

  • Learn 5 different ways to interrupt the Line

  • Learn to transform almost any shape into 3D with Echolines

  • Learn how to create Mooka3D, a tangleation of Mooka

  • Explore and understand the power of line-weight

  • Learn how to combine brush markers with colored pencils

  • Use mixed media to form beautiful subtle color gradations

  • Play with twinkling dotted lines

  • Learn how to easily create a watercolor edge

  • Work on two different projects, slowly building up your skills

  • And so many tips and tricks!

Work on two different projects

Develop this lovely Starfish over a Zentangle tile,
slowly building up your skills to create rich colored blends

From beginning to end, gradually learn how to tackle different media effects


Suggested Supplies:

I recommend using Copic markers if you can afford them. They last a very long time and if you get a refill, you can use them indefinitely!

An Intermediate lesson for those ready to explore mixed media

Use colored pencils, gel pens, brush markers and more


Gradually build up your mixed media skills

This lesson was first released at Tangle U 2018. Look at these mosaics!

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