Gray Mooka3D

During last Tangle U 2018 I taught the class Starfish Line Interrupted -- which also has a video lesson here. Among other things, it includes the step-out for Mooka3D. As a practice exercise, I had the participants create multiple strands of Mooka3D coming from different directions on the tile. 


After Shading:

In this one, I used almost entirely gray Copic markers for shading, and I really like how it gave it a different dimension in various shades of gray. The picture you see peaking in the corner below is for my next lesson (coming soon!):

Here's a close-up:

Starfish Line Interrupted Video Lesson

Explore different ways to manipulate the line to produce delicate colored blends with mixed media in this lovely starfish project. An intermediate mixed-media 40-minute long video.