Delicate drawings

I'm in such a "delicate" phase of drawing. Don't know why, perhaps it's the influence of the upcoming Micro-tangling lesson, but my drawings lately have this ethereal quality. Here are a couple of them. 

This one was done over hot-pressed watercolor paper which I first painted with dark lavender watercolors, then tangled using bronze Slicci pen by Pentel. Here are a couple of WIP:

Here's the a close-up of the final picture. This is a mix of Echolines and Printemps (Zentangle). 

Here's the other picture I worked on today, it's tangle Drupe (Zentangle) over black tile, using Glow on Dark techniques. 

I used white gel pens, colored pencils and colorful gel pens to make this one. This one was inspired by the It's a String thing #248, run by the amazing Adele Bruno. Here's the WIP, with the string:

And this is the final picture again, with the pens, you can see that the tile looks so tiny, compared to the pens.