Love my ebooks? Become an affiliate and earn a commission on sales

If you love my ebooks -- thank you! 

I'm initiating a new affiliate system which pays you a commission when you refer my ebooks and videos. 

How does an "affiliate" system work?

It's very simple!

1) You sign up to become an affiliate. Just contact me here to inquire. 

2) You can choose to refer one or many products. You get a unique special link, which you add to your website, newsletter, social media page or blog. 

3) When someone clicks on that link, they are redirected to my ebooks, but the special link records that it came from you. 

4) If the person ends up buying an ebook or video within 30 days after clicking on your special links, you earn a commission! 


What is the commission payout?

I pay 10% for each sale completed. This amount is entirely removed from my profits, at no additional cost to the buyer. The payouts are made through 


Is this a "pay per click" program?

No, the commission is paid when a person who clicked through your links completes a sale. The special links remain active for up to 30 days. 


Who keeps track of the affiliate program?

All link tracking and payouts are run by You can find out more about the affiliate system -- including the terms of use here


What kind of images can be used to refer ebooks?

You can use any PRODUCT IMAGE found on on the GUMROAD shop website. Please do NOT use my art images from my blog, or images from third party artists. 


Ready to sign up? 

Keep in mind that I select carefully the people who can refer my products. After all, I would like my products to be represented in the best light possible. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY, please include information on HOW and WHERE you plan to present my ebooks. Newsletter? Social Media? Blog?

Which product are you interested in referring? Be as descriptive as possible. 

When contacting me to become an affiliate, make sure you have read the Gumroad affiliate terms of use here

You must have a account and Paypal account to participate. 

Visit and find out more about their Affiliate program.


How to Download a PDF on your Ipad (Ibooks or Kindle)

If you want to download your Ebooks on to your ipad so you can carry your ebook to your art table, follow these instructions:


Locate the email with the personalized link you received from this site. If you bought your ebook at Etsy or another venue, these instructions do not apply. 

If you cannot find the email, then look in your SPAM or PROMOTIONS folder. Sometimes email servers can reroute them there. If you REALLY cannot find them, don't worry, I can always resend them. Contact me here if you run into trouble. 



After clicking on the personalized link, a web browser will appear. The default is Safari, but you might have a different browser configured on your Ipad. Wait a moment for the system to fetch your files. It takes only a few moments, depending on your internet speed.



Once the system is ready, you can click on the DOWNLOAD button. You have a limited amount of download times to try. If your download limits expire, then contact me to get them reactivated. 

In some rare cases when as opening the files on phones or non-Ipad tablets, the device can choke and show an expired "0 downloads". Don't worry, you can contact me here to get the link reactivated. 



The PDF will appear in the browser. WAIT, don't close that browser yet! Save the file for future reading. TAP LIGHTLY ON THE DOCUMENT -- either on the top or bottom, depending on your browser -- to show the option to "Open in...".

This is how it would appear on Safari:

And this is how it would appear on Chrome for Ipad:



A small box will appear. Scroll sideways until you see the option to open in Ibooks or Kindle. Either one is fine, depending on what you prefer.


I prefer to read my ebooks in portrait (vertical) position. Notice how each PDF comes PERSONALIZED with your name, email and transaction number. If you need to contact me about the ebook, you can refer to that information!

If you got your Ebooks at Etsy or a different store, then disregard these instructions!

IMPORTANT: keep in mind that ideally, you should also save your ebooks on the computer for backup!

If you need more help, contact me here.

Copyright 2016 Eni Oken

About and

About and

After 8 years serving the jewelry making and polymer clay communities with lessons which helped shape tens of thousands of new artists, and websites shut down their virtual doors. 

The close was announced in April 2016. Sales ended on May 31, 2016 and the sites remained opened until early July 2016 to allow members to make their final downloads. 

As announced extensively, files CANNOT be restored after the close.

You might be interested to know that after an arduous battle with cancer, I am again finally able to channel my artistic abilities to explore many different facets of art and design -- more than jewelry-making -- through "The Creative World of Eni Oken" website at  There you can continue to follow my artistic discoveries through blog posts, art, tutorials and ebooks. I invite you to come visit and see what I'm up to.

Premium Members, a new system is available to you!

If you are a Premium Member please read about your options here. Your account was converted into a new Membership, where you gain access to all my previous tutorials PLUS any new files I create. 


If you are a former JL Premium Member and have not received any notification about your account and wish to be converted to the new system, contact me here

Special Thanks

I would like to thank everyone who was involved in this project; the people who signed up and participated through discussions and postings, also the technical support and development programmers, many counselors and advisors, and especially the fabulous teachers who provided beautiful projects and lessons. It was a wonderful journey, full of excitement and discovery.

Among the many people who helped shape this project, I would like to thank most especially Tatiane Santos, always the wind beneath my wings; Brian Oken, the wise voice of guidance; and most importantly Daniela Almeida, a wonderful friend and the co-administrator of both sites, who practically saved my life during the time I was ill, carrying the management of the site like a real champ. I am forever in your debt!


-Eni Oken

Premium Membership options and FAQ

Last update: September 26, 2016

As you know, I decided to close so that I can dedicate more time to creating art, and doing less administration. It’s a bold move, but after battling cancer for a few years, one gains new perspective of what is important. 

If your Premium account is still active, you have one of two options:   

1) Cancel your membership: 

Visit this linked page and follow the instructions to cancel through Paypal. You must visit Paypal to cancel -- there is no option to cancel through JL since the site is permanently gone.

2) Stay on and see where the journey will take us: 

At this point, all Premium Members who continued on were imported to a new delivery system, and received their personalized links on 9/2/2016. As a continuing Premium member, you have access to all my previous tutorials and all the new ones as well. 



A new start, more material for subscribers

Most importantly, your membership will be converted to a new start: a commitment to EXPLORING ART AND CREATIVITY, and you will receive ALL of my new material — no matter the subject — for as long as your account is active and being renewed.  Learn more about it here. 

How often will there be new material and on which topic?

It's that simple.

I'm a COMPULSIVE CREATOR. I have a need to explore art, create and to teach what I have learned. As a creative explorer, I hardly know myself where the tides will take me. 

You can see some of the material I've created in the last 12 months, which is how we will start if your account continues to remain active.  
Learn more about it here. 

A personalized link will be sent to you via email  after the site is disabled. This link gives you access to tutorials and ebooks in drip format (that is, the same link will show you more and more material as long as you keep your subscription active).

Paypal will continue to bill your account at the same amount as before, at regular intervals just as before.  


September 2, 2016: All continuing Premium Members received links to the Creative World of Eni Oken Subscription. This subscription releases one new piece of content per month, via an email link. 

August 2, 2016: Getting ready to send out the second email link to continuing members, granting access to Creative World of Eni Oken Subscription . 

July 26, 2016: Members received their first personalized link via email, granting access to  the Classic Jewelry-making bundle (54 jewelry-making tutorials). 

July 15: 2016: You received a "welcome email" from me, confirming your continuation in the program.


Oh, how exciting! Want to resubscribe?

If you already cancelled your account but feel adventurous and want to join me in this adventure, you can resubscribe here.

If you are resubscribing, you will start a new account, using your credit card through Stripe payment gateway, handled through Sendowl (not Paypal). 

Adventurers, Thank you!

I know it's very hard to trust and continue on when you don't know what you're getting. 

If you decide to go on this journey, I want to THANK YOU for placing such trust on me, and on my need to explore and write about the creative world.  I really hope that you will be happily surprised!

Still need to cancel? Thank you too!

If this journey seems to uncertain or uninteresting to you, then no problem, I thank you anyway for participating in the Premium program while it lasted! I wish you tremendous success. 

What about refunds?

At this time, all Premium Members were upgraded to the new system. No refunds are offered unless there are no downloads using the new system. 

If you are a yearly Premium Member and your subscription was recently RENEWED in the last 6 months and your new links have no downloads, you can request up to 50% refund for time not used, just contact me here with your info (username and profile ID). 

If you are a NEW member just subscribed in the last 12 months, then due to the nature of the immediate downloads, there is no refund. 

If you are a monthly member, then there are no refunds available, since your payments are deducted month to month. 

How to get your downloads

My ebooks and tutorials are distributed through a couple of different channels: 

The Creative World of EniOken ( 

This is my personal portfolio site and offers only my own tutorials for sale. Tutorials purchased there are delivered via Sendowl directly to your email inbox, instantly. The links inside the email expire, so we recommend you download your files straight away after purchase!

If you purchase through my website, you get automatic updates, bonuses and more. If you are an EU or UK resident, please shop through Etsy. 

Eni Oken's Etsy Shop:

This Etsy shop sells only my tutorials as well, and will accept orders from EU and UK residents. Tutorials purchased there are delivered via Etsy's download link on the site. Log into Etsy to download your files.

1) Log into Etsy. On the upper right hand corner, click on your avatar. 

2) Choose Purchases and Reviews from the dropdown menu. 

3) Locate your order. On the right side, click on Download Files. Download the files to a safe location on your computer. 

4) If you are using mobile or a tablet, then use this same process on SAFARI, this is not available through the Etsy app. 

5) If you are using an Ipad, wait for the file to open in Safari. Then tap the upper corner of the opened document and choose Open in Ibooks,  to save to your tablet. 

Keep in mind that this store DOES NOT update your files automatically. If you are not an EU or UK resident, shop through instead. and

These are two tutorial marketplaces with tutorials by several different artists, which I founded and managed between 2008 and 2016. Unfortunately, these two sites are no longer available. 

As announced extensively, after the close in June 2016, you will no longer be able to download your files. 
If you were a Premium Member at, read about your options here


Help, I can't find my recent purchases!

Are you sure you checked on the right website? Remember that delivers via email, while delivers via a download button link on the Etsy site.

If you just recently purchased a tutorial or ebook which is not available at Etsy, it is probably because your payment has not been completed yet.  Please wait a few days and if needed,  Contact me for help.

Downloading ebooks from

  If you bought a paid ebook from my personal site (also, then the delivery system is done in two ways:

1) Immediately after payment

A screen will appear immediately after payment is complete to allow you to download your files.

2) Via an email with a personalized link

If you missed the live link after payment, don't worry: the system will send you an automated email with a personalized link for you to download.

Just click on the link provided and it will open a web browser for you to download your files.

Be aware that the links DO EXPIRE typically in 3 days (except for the classic bundle and videos, which expire after one year).


I can't find the download email!

Since it is an automated email, sometimes your email service will re-routed it to the spam or promotions folder. This is especially true if you are reading your email on the web and you have a gmail account.

LOOK THROUGH YOUR SPAM FOLDER, and remember to add to your whitelist or click on "this is not spam" to teach your email reader about it.


I found the email, but I can't click on the link!

Some email readers will strip off the clickable aspect of the personalized link for your security. If that happens, then carefully CUT AND PASTE the entire link into a web browser.


I found the email, but the links have expired.

Not a problem, just contact me through this helpdesk and I can reactivate the link expiration at any time for you.


I was supposed to get a free bonus but it's not included in the download.

If your ebook included a free bonus, then it's either going to be included in your downloads as part of the bundle, or IT WILL COME IN A SEPARATE EMAIL. This depends on the type of offer and bundle. If a second email did not arrive to you with the bonus, then search your spam folders or contact me for more help.


None of this is working, can I still get my files?

Yes, don't worry, just contact me via this site and I have a few more tricks up my sleeve to help you get your ebooks!



Can I read PDFs on my Kindle Fire?

Normally yes -- you could download a PDF file into Kindle Fire by navigating to your email account Kindle Fire's webbrowser Silk and downloading the file normally into the Kindle.

However, my ebooks have a security password protection against copying the content, so you will not be able to open the PDF file at all and will get a message like this: Invalid Item — This item is protected with DRM and cannot be read on your Kindle. Please remove the item from your device and download it again or purchase a copy from the Kindle Store.

About Eni's Jewelry Price Calculator

EniOken's Jewelry Calculator is a Excel Spreasheet which suggests different price scenarios to help you figure out how much to charge for a piece of jewelry. It is based on a series of parameters which you enter, and the suggestions are based on typical formulas used by artisans.

It requires a spreadsheet program or app compatible with XLS format to run, this is not an independent program.

The Jewelry Calculator is a spreadsheet which comes in XLS (Excel native format) file format. To open it, you can use any app which will read a protected XLS file. It can be opened successfully usingApple's "Numbers" app.

2014-04-25 11.42.35
2014-04-25 11.42.35

I am not getting an answer from you!

I want to help you solve any issues you may have as quickly as possible. If you haven't heard from me in 24 to 48 hours, perhaps your emails are not reaching me!

Try emailing again: you can reach me through the Contact page on this website or send email directly to eni at enioken dot com

If it's a weekend or holiday, then have a little patience, I will get back to you as soon as possible, ok!


I can't open the PDF file!

None of our lessons require any further password to OPEN or PRINT. (They might be protected against copying pictures and text, though). If you download a PDF file which asks you for a password to OPEN or PRINT, or if you are having trouble opening the PDF file, then evaluate the following:

1) Outdated PDF Reader: Is this the first time you are downloading a file from our sites? It could be that your PDF reader software is out-dated. Try a different web browser, or update your PDF reader software to see if the problems persists. You can get the latest version of Adobe Acrobate PDF Reader here: . Please be advised that some users encountered problems using version 10 of Adobe reader.

2) Corrupt PDF File: If this is not the first time you download a PDF file at our sites, then test other downloads. If you are able to download and open other PDF files without any problem, it could be that the PDF file in question is corrupt. DON'T WORRY! Just send us a message and we'll ask the Teacher to upload a fresh new copy! Your account will automatically be updated with the new file once it is added, don't worry.

However, if you are unable to open other PDF files using your reader, then your software has become corrupt and you need to re-install or update it (see option 1).

3) Print Security: If you are able to OPEN other files from our site, AND you are able to OPEN the file in question but cannot PRINT it, then it could be that Teacher has added extra security to it. Per our terms, you are allowed to print one copy for your personal use. Just send us a message and we'll ask the Teacher to remove the security to print. Once again, your Downloads will be updated automatically once the Teacher completes the upload.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Overview

I take intellectual property very seriously, which means that we do not tolerate real copyright infringement BUT ALSO DO NOT TOLERATE unfounded or frivolous accusations of infringement. If you believe that any content or design posted on this site has been copied without permission, then stop for a moment and evaluate if you really know who owns those rights. If the offending material displays text and images that where created by someone else, then there is little room for doubt. However, if a design is involved, then make sure that you really know who owns the rights to that design before accusing others. Remember that jewelry design is as ancient as civilization itself, and what you feel is original could have been created long ago by someone else. It is particularly difficult to determine the legal copyright ownership if the design is derivative, that is, not exactly identical but uses portions of other designs.

Can I report and request removal of content from this site based on copyright infringement?

If you are certain that you are the RIGHTFUL OWNER (or their legal representative) of the content and feel that your rights have been violated, then we recommend that you first try to contact the offending poster directly via email -- many times users are not aware that they are infringing on another person's rights. All contact related to copyright infringement should be done via email outside of our site, so that you can have valid legal documentation of your process and since our Messaging system and the public forums cannot be used to report copyright violations. Most members have their own personal websites and email listed under their Profile pages.

If the poster refuses to remove the material voluntarily, then follow the procedures described below requesting a formal take-down of the offending material from our site and we will be glad to help.

If you are NOT THE RIGHTFUL OWNER of the content that is being violated, then unfortunately we cannot accept your report -- we know you mean well and we appreciate your effort to do the right thing, but the internet is rife with frivolous and unfounded accusations. As a small company we do not have the resources to investigate every accusation for legal and historical accuracy, so we have to follow procedures determined by U.S. Copyright Law. You do have the right to contact any parties you see fit outside of our site, though.

We understand that this might cause some frustration, but please understand that our site MUST comply with industry standards and good internet practices, along with directions provided by U.S. Copyright Law.


I am the owner of a specific technique that I invented. Can I claim copyright protection?

A technique is considered a procedure for doing or making things, and is not protected by copyright. There are other forms of protection for inventions, such as patents.

"Copyright law does not protect ideas, methods, or systems. Copyright protection is therefore not available for ideas or procedures for doing, making, or building things; scientific or technical methods or discoveries; business operations or procedures; mathematical principles; formulas or algorithms; or any other concept, process, or method of operation."

For more information on what is not protected by copyright, please refer to this link .


Yes, I am the owner of the copyright and my rights have been infringed by someone on this site. What can be done?

Have you tried to contact the member first via email to see if they will remove the material voluntarily? This is usually the best and fastest solution.

If you have tried to contact the offending poster without success, then per instructions of U.S. Copyright Law and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), our site can act as messenger and send your formal request of removal to any offending user that has posted at our site. Upon receiving your formal request (see below for more instructions), we can also remove the offending materials pending a resolution between you.

This process is called "A request for Take-Down", also known as "DMCA notification".


Ok, I have tried to contact the poster and they refuse to answer or to remove the materials voluntarily.

If you are absolutely sure that your rights (or the rights of those you represent) have been infringed; AND you have attempted to contact the poster and have been unsuccessful in having them remove the material voluntarily, then you can use our "Take-Down" procedure. We will act as messengers between you and the other party and remove the materials until the issue is settled between you.

Before initiating, please understand that these procedures must be followed rigorously in order for our site to comply with DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) Copyright law.

To submit a DMCA Take Down notification via email or postal mail, follow the instructions described in our Terms of Use in the Copyright Infringement section and request a formal removal of the offending material.

The DMCA Notice is not difficult to complete, but must be submitted EXACTLY as described in our terms of use in order to be legal and effective. If your DMCA Notice is incorrect or incomplete, we will do our best to instruct you on how to file properly. DMCA Notices are considered legal documents. You should always consult the advice of a lawyer.

I submitted a DMCA notification to you but the offending content is still up there!

We will check your DMCA notice as quickly as possible and may require some time to consult with legal counsel. If the notice is incomplete or incorrect, then we will contact you and do our best to help you to correct it. This process takes great priority over other jobs, so please be patient and we will contact you as quickly as humanly possible.

That is why contacting the other party via email first on your own is usually a much more rapid and effective solution.

I received a message from someone stating that my content is infringing on another person's copyright.

If someone has sent you an email accusing you of copyright infringement, then take a moment to evaluate your content and see if it really is truly original. You may be stepping on someone's rights without knowing. Reply to the email asking questions and historic evidence that the content really belongs to them. If you are in doubt, then we recommend that you remove your content voluntarily. Just send us a message and we can help you to remove it as quickly as possible.

Someone has accused me of copying or of copyright infringement on this site!

We will not tolerate public accusations of infringement at our site and may remove content which could defame members. Read our Community Guidelines for more information. Our Terms of use describe very accurately the procedures available to the owners of the rights for proper removal.

If you have been accused publicly or believe another person has been accused publicly of copyright infringement at our site, DO NOT REPLY to the thread in public forum, or using our Messaging system, since it could start a flame war. Please use the “Report button” located next to the problematic comment or under the member's profile and our Admin may remove it after evaluation.

I received a DMCA Claim from your site and my content was removed!

If you received a DMCA Claim and your Content was removed from our site, please remember that we are acting as MESSENGERS, per instructions of the U.S. Copyright Law office. Our site is required by law to forward you any DMCA Claims we receive and to remove your Content until the issue is settled between you. The DMCA notice does not come from us, it comes from the claimant.

My content has been improperly removed as infringing on copyrights.

If you believe that your content has been improperly removed due to a DMCA claim, you have the option of filing a Counter Notice in order to request reinstatement of your content.

Just send us a DMCA Counter Notice and request reinstatement of your content. Remember that Counter notices must follow the same rigorous procedures as the original DMCA notice or we will not be able to accept it, per instructions of U.S. Copyright Law.

If your DMCA Counter notice is incorrect or incomplete, we will do our best to instruct you on how to file properly. DMCA Counter Notices are legal documents. You should always consult the advice of a lawyer.

Some content has disappeared from this site! Why?

There are many other reasons why we can elect to remove content from our site. Please understand that there will be a valid reason behind every removal, such as, but not limited to: a valid DMCA claim; voluntary removal by the member; or no counter-action by the member. These reasons sometimes may not be disclosed to unrelated third parties for privacy reasons, so try to understand that we may not be able to tell you why it was removed to protect someone else's privacy.

Our Terms of use describe the procedures available to these types of situations and the users involved have been offered options to request proper reinstatement of their content, if it indeed has been misidentified as infringing.

For more information please refer to the Copyright & Intellectual Property section of our Terms of use.

I wish to cancel my subscription to the JL Premium Membership service.

Premium Membership is a subscription service which was offered at If you wish to cancel this service, you must do it through your Paypal account. Keep in mind that if you cancel your service you loose any benefits, discounts or price plans associated with your membership.

Follow these steps to cancel:

1) Go to Paypal. This will take you to Paypal's login.

2) Enter Paypal with your login information. Click on the "Profile" menu at the top.

3) On the left side of the page, click on "My Money".

4) Under "My preapproved payments", click on "Update". This will bring you a list of your Active subscriptions.

5) Look for the Active Subscription under "Eni Oken Designs, Inc". Remember, you may have other active subscriptions for other companies. Click on our link.

6) A page with your subscription information will be displayed, showing the initial payment, time period and recurring payment.

7) Click on the link "Cancel", located close to the top left side of the page. A popup asking for you to confirm will appear. Click on "Cancel Profile".

8) If you need to resubscribe, Paypal will create a new profile for our subscription.

9) Check to see if you received your cancellation confirmation email. Visit My Profile/My Premium Membership page and verify that your subscription has expired.

I can't download any tutorials, all I get is a blank or error page.

Web browsers have a "cache", which is a memory allowance. This can fill up pretty quickly when downloading big files. Another potential problem is that perhaps the file downloaded was created in a version higher than your PDF reader.

Solution 1: Empty your web browser's "cache", that is, empty out its internet history.

Explorer: Choose "Tools", then "Internet Options" and then click on the "Delete" button under "Browsing history". Firefox: Choose "Tools" and then "Delete Recent history". Google Chrome: Choose the tools menu, then "Options" and "Under the Hood", and click on the "Clear recent data button". Choose the "Clear download history", "Clear browsing history" and "Empty cache". Safari: Choose the general Safari settings menu, then "Reset Safari" and then "Empty the cache" and Clear history".

Solution 2: Go to to get and update your Adobe Acrobat Reader (it is free) to the latest version.

My payment is complete but the tutorial files have not arrived via email yet.

I own several websites, and each one distributes tutorials in a different way: 

The Creative World of EniOken ( 

This is my personal portfolio site and offers only my own tutorials and ebooks for sale. Tutorials purchased there are delivered via Sendowl directly to your email inbox, instantly. The links inside the email expire, so we recommend you download your files straight away after purchase!


Eni Oken's Etsy Shop:

This Etsy shop sells only my own tutorials as well. Tutorials purchased there are delivered via Etsy's download link on the site. Log into Etsy to download your files, you can find them under your Account > Purchases & Reviews. (This is located on the upper right hand corner). and

These are two tutorial marketplaces with tutorials by several different artists. and do not email you the files -- instead, they are located in your Downloads area.

These two sites also deliver tutorials via your own Downloads page, similar to Etsy: just login to the site and look at the upper right hand corner to find a link to the Downloads page.