Zentwining and Tangled Scrollwork

Two Facebook groups (Alice Hendon's group and Jo Flaherty's group) are holding Zentwining challenges (a concept developed by the very clever and talented Lynn Mead), so here's my meditation for yesterday, combining Zentwining and Tangled Scrollwork


I like all the negative space around -- but make no mistake, the detail on this thing took me almost two hours to create and shade. Tiny, tiny detail, on a 3.5 inch Zentangle® tile. Here's the sequence:

I love how the string takes me to places and compositions that I would not have developed on my own, that is one of my favorite things in the Zentangle method. Here are two images showing before and after shading:

Here's the final picture again, and a super close-up: 

A lesson on Tangled Scrollwork is available at the Shop!