Tangled Scrollwork Video Lesson

This advanced lesson I will show you how to create beautifully flowing scrolls and curls, starting from the very beginning: understanding how to create a beautiful spiral, how to create scroll backbones and skeletons and finally to creating a sensational project from beginning to end, including shading.  

Create magnificent, flowing Scrollwork combed with your favorite tangle patterns


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What is Scrollwork? 

According to Wikipedia:

Scrollwork is a term for some forms of decoration dominated by spiralling scrolls, today used in popular language for two-dimensional decorative flourishes and arabesques of all kinds, especially those with circular or spiralling shapes.

Scroll decoration has been used for the decoration of a vast range of objects, in all Eurasian cultures, and most beyond. A lengthy evolution over the last two millennia has taken forms of plant-based scroll decoration from Greco-Roman architecture to Chinese pottery, and then back across Eurasia to Europe. They are very widespread in architectural decoration, woodcarving, painted ceramics, mosaic and illuminated manuscrips.

Learn my unique method of combining this ancient form of decorative art with Zentangle®

Understand the basics of spirals and how to create beautiful flowing designs


In this lesson you will learn:

  • The basics of how to create beautiful spirals and scrolls

  • How to understand the logarithmic spiral, AKA "the marvelous spiral"

  • How to create scroll design backbones and skeletons

  • How to avoid pitfalls and mistakes so that your scrollwork flows beautifully

  • How to adapt scroll design to tangled versions through my unique method

  • How to understand minimalist hatching and line-shading

  • How to create incredible overlap to create dense, rich artwork

  • How to create a scrollwork project from beginning to end, including shading, background and enhancements

  • And so many tips and tricks!

Unbelievable detail created through line shading and hatching

Learn how to create hatching to produce an intricate "engraved" look

Supplies needed:

  • Hot-pressed watercolor paper tile 4x4 inches

  • Watercolor paints and paintbrush

  • Light, medium and dark Gray markers. My favorites are Copics N0, N2 and N4.

  • Graphite pencil for light shading.

  • Black Inking pen, my favorite is Sakura Micron 01

  • Colored pencils in matching colors. My favorite are Polychromos.

  • White gel pen. My favorite is Sakura White Gelly Roll 10.

The results are simply gloriously detailed


Learn how to understand the basics of how to construct beautiful spirals and scroll skeletons

This lesson starts from the basics and teaches super advanced skills

Explore the beauty of Scrolls, Curves and Spirals

Draw complex scroll designs using my unique tangled method

Create a stunning project from beginning to end, including shading and coloring


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